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Tamos has roots stemming from George Mason University as far back as August, 1994. In the beginning, Tamos was a small, utilitarian server, but she grew over time to take on more daunting responsibilities. Much of the Tamos Community was comprised of friends, families and co-workers, not necessarily related to the university. It was because of this lack of association with the university that I decided to pack up and move off campus, taking whoever wanted to come along. The migration could have moved faster, but I just couldn't take the hardware with me.
"Tamos" was originally named after the prodigy piano player and singer, Tori Amos. The inspiration for the name originated from Christopher T. Nelson within a couple days after Tamos came on-line.
With the new move to a location a bit more upfront on Internet, I decided to make everything a bit more formal, since I am no longer under the umbrella of the University. My goal for Tamos is to provide a haven on the Internet for friends and family and to promote the use of Linux. And so, I begin a new chapter...
David E. Storey