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I hope you like the site. There isn't much here yet, but it will definitely grow over time. I wanted to start with a good skeleton and flesh it out from there. I'm not that much of a site designer, but I do what I can. The site itself has gone through several changes and is presently in it's fourth generation. (both in hardware and in design) The shortest lived generation was the third, which was only around for about three or four weeks. My father didn't like it that much, so I racked my brain for design ideas. I finally made "design" my motif and everything took off from there. Design necessitates comments to evolve, so bring 'em on! One of my goals with the site is to show that decent web sites can be created through the use of Free Software. (sometimes I wish hardware was more like software, with the property of duplication at the only expense of time and space, which is, of course, the final frontier!)
Top level pages were designed and produced by David E. Storey. Technical and Artistic inspiration came from the folks at,, Mike Carignan and Cara Determan in the Electronic Publications Office at George Mason University.
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