ask about this vague confusion
and this and that
think about viewpoint
or perhaps easily viewpoints
starting vague with love and hate
progressing toward those these
to which intangibles attach
in stunning profusion of contacts
loves and lusts to still more concrete
more There more Here like
non-ideal lines and the here-and-now roughness
of each wrinkled written-on striked-out erased-out
page sheet non-ideal plane
slowly in starts and stops and ebbs and flows
it gets covered in ideals which
it is hoped or assumed
are true in a relative sense
and here the intangible makes itself felt
here the abstract is cornered
ebb and flow of perceived differences
here-there immediate-remote particular-general
you know the trouble they'll get you into --
only perhaps a difference of perception
a skewing of lines in unconnected spaces
but think about viewpoints
infinite unions of perceptions
and you wonder
is that it, then?
this non-ideal plane is finite to your eyes

J. Horne