may 1992

A while ago, I beheld a sight,
Which I never recovered;
Yet continues to possess my dreams,
and fill my imagination.

Your persistence purchased my attention,
As I succumbed to your charm.
I felt a shiver down my spine,
Slithering through my skin,
as I betook your blinding radiance.
Not even the stars shimmer quite,
as the sparkle I found in your eyes.
I uncovered, in all your muliebrity,
the one thing which all men ponder.

Embark on the quest with Eros.
We will discover the horizon,
and meet it with our destiny.
Do not fear, for I will be by your side.
Always for you, never for myself.

My sanity swirls in the violent winds
of this present conscienceness.
Utopia was created with visions;
The mountains howl for the flight of fancy.
Fate will prophesy the past.
History will narrate the future.

d. e. storey