april 1994

death, illness, disease, mutilation, mutation, suffocation, debilitation, deformation, drugs, pills, aging, pain, torture, abuse, needles, stress, radiation, the end, medicine, surgury, poison, deprevation, abduction, humiliation, loss of control, getting stuck, disfunctional, obsolescence, handicapped, uselessness, dating, out of control, incompetency, paralysis, trust, loyalty, honesty, unpreparedness, being mundane & boring, insensitivity, falling, bad hair day, religion, the unknown, God, work, obsessions, the paranormal, filth/dirtiness, insecurity, omnipotence, stage fright, having to little, having too much, being trapped, space, enclosure, distance, sex, failure, miscommunication, doesn t work, fire, water, heat, cold, apartheid, discrimination, differences, immaturity, ticklishness, confrontation, inadequacy, animals, solitude, getting lost, exile, baldness, being too small, being too big, celibacy, ciolence, apathy, being stalked, society, prison, food, facing problems, speed, failure, fear, certain people such as murderers, stalkers, rapists, teachers, parents, doctors, lawyers, queers, psychopaths, embarresment, harrasment, anonyminity, obscurity, plants, nature, impediments, hidden dangers, noncommital, being found out/ revealed/ discovered, physical appearance, time, pregnancy, bad role models, change, not living life to the fullest, clowns, education, complexity, anxiety, responsibility, success, the extreme, meticulousness, chaos, war, conscription, weapons, loss of material possessions, genecide, coprophobia, nightmares, hieghts, phobias, tests, constriction, personal fears, messing up, revelation of privacy, forgetting, being forgotten, darkness, nakedness, unforgiveness, small nipples, flat buttocks, venerial diseases, castration, impotency, frustration, circumcision, disaster, trajedy, vacancy, hypocrasy, rejection, being unwanted/ undesireable/ left out/ not loved, turning into something you hate, monsters, falling through the floor, morality, unfairness, conformity, obliviousness, stupidity, redundency, inefficiency, nothing!

d. e. storey