Jester's Fate

october 1994

In the obscure abyss of my sacred sanctum,
Rogue abstractions inhabited the secret asylum.
Ethereal peace suckled to the breasts of fools.
Necromancy coerced the subtle romanticism,
Absolved by the blood of a forbidden baptism.

Knighted by the wisdom revealed in nature,
Aforewarned by the harbingers of adventure,
Tranquility in her memory touched upon bliss.
Held powerless as the careless clouds above,
Your eyes softened into the ruffles of a dove.

Concealed by the elusiveness of his cojolery,
He seduced her perfect favor in his own slavery.
Alone, next to those ancient grave etchings,
Censored by expressions of his serene passion,
Engravings upon the garments of kingly fashion.

d. e. storey