Merely Thoughts

february 1994
Your incessant eyes are wildly aglow
With the immortal fires of our secluded Utopia.
I gaze at their soothing frailty as through a looking glass,
Into the immeasurable depth of your exclusive persona.
They silently wisk me away upon an enchanted flight,
And serenely bind my unwary soul in a passionate spell.
Yet, faintly feathered by the glistening moonlight,
Yours betray what mere words can only fail to tell.
All this precious time we've spent together,
Only enraptures my untamed heart to yearn ever for more.
These lucid moments, I cherish as hidden treasures,
Found meticulously scattered upon the murky ocean floor.
There are those who deem one's youthful laughter,
Merely to be juvenile, yet innocent; but to mine,
Is as the master's touch of fragrant harmony,
In the mystical twilight of subtle eventide.
These coveted thoughts of your immaculate beauty,
Flow as poetic swans in their graceful wade;
Yet colour the brilliant sky in my fanciful world,
With deep, unusual hues and dark, vivid shades.
d. e. storey