Reminiscence of the Future

may 1992

I have come to a meadow,
in this unending journey of life.
I can now rest to reminisce
the blood of times immemorial.

Feeling the sleeplessness of my journey,
I lay to rest my quivering limbs
upon the slumbering earth.
The hypnosis of the clouds seems to overcome...

As I look into the mirror of life,
I reflect upon my past,
and peer at my image,
then, to what lies beyond the reflection,
to behold the grasp of the future.

Blinded by the radiance,
Deafened by the thunder,
Paralyzed by the sting,
I have become oblivious to its presence,
And have succumbed to the current reality.

I found myself waking,
from this overwhelming hallucination,
untouched, only to feel the rain
upon my forehead, descending ever so slowly.

d. e. storey