Visions of You

february 1994
My command is helplessly rendered defenseless.
When I notice you, my thoughts stray in a lazy daze;
Your musical rhythm encompasses my cadence;
I envision nothing else, but of your entrancing gaze.
For your hair was braided with the golds of Arabia,
Arched and flowing gently like a river in golden light.
Your deep, mysterious eyes glimmer as the twinkling stars
In the clear, moon-filled mountain night.
Even the freckles of your cheek speak of beauty,
As the daisies in the vast fields of rolling hillsides,
Where children of innocence come to play,
And the melodic ballad of wind and rain reside.
Your gracious lips blush as sultry rubies,
And smell as the sweet fragrance of rose.
The gentleness of your neck rides as the smooth,
Placid lakes on which the mild breeze blows.
Thoughts only articulate the subtle nuances
Found exclusively in your ever-passionate heart.
Yet, can you forgive the boy whose wishes,
And whose mortal lifeblood is his only art...
d. e. storey