youthful companionship

may 1994
Molded uniquely by our inherited boundaries,
Every breath we take, keeps the machine going.
Lasting till the destruction of our foundries,
All that we have acquired will leave us woe-ing.
Nothing can prevent our final demise.
In sickness and in sorrow, I will recall nothing
Except the twinkling stars dwelling in your eyes.
Love will have no part in my secret loathing.
Yawning roses lazily speckle the sleeping hills.
No-one suckles tenderly to their dire needs,
Nowhere do they vainly suffer from ill wills,
Endowed by the charity of their master s deeds.
Where has the innocence of children gone?
Hoping in a promising future to come,
I wake every morning a fore the coming dawn.
Thoughts of mine sometimes seem glum,
Entertained with only faith to go on.
d. e. storey